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Banana and mango smoothie recipe, how to make banana and mango smoothie at home

May 04, 2018


Preparation time -5-7 minutes

Making time -2 minutes

Servings -1

Main ingredients –banana and mango

Banana and mango smoothie –it is a blend of banana, mango, milk, curd, sugar and honey. This will give you energy all the very day. It’s a pack of nutrition and provides you strength.

Hey guys its mango season and I think we all love mangoes a lot. And there so many things we can make with these mangoes like aamras, mango kulfi, pannacotta, mango halwa, aampapad, smoothies, mango cake and so many other desserts.

Let me know which your favorite dessert of mango is.

I love all the desserts made by using mangoes and so family is. My kids love their mangoes in mango cake, or the mango itself. Nothing other than that.

Lets see some health benefits of banana and mango –

Health benefits of banana –

  1. It acts as an energy booster.
  2. It promotes cardiovascular health.
  3. It acts as an antacid and improves stomach health.
  4. It provides relief in constipation.
  5. It balances mood and brain health.

Health benefits of mango –

  1. In decreased risk of macular degeneration.
  2. In decreased risk of colon cancer.
  3. It improves digestion and bone health.
  4. Mangoes are a low-calorie, highly nutrient dense food. They contain compounds that can help you lose weight, keep away heart disease and cancer, improves brain function and digestion and offer many other health benefits.

You can also checkout the recipe video. the link is -

Now lets proceed to the recipe –

Ingredients for making banana and mango smoothie –

  1. Banana -1 medium
  2. Mango -1 medium
  3. Milk -1 cup
  4. Curd -2 tablespoons
  5. Honey -1 teaspoon
  6. Sugar -1 teaspoon or optional
  7. Ice cubes -4-5
  8. Some dry fruits to serve

How to make it –

  1. Peel and chop the banana and mango.
  2. Take a blender jar and add banana, mango, milk, curd, sugar, ice cubes and honey into the jar.
  3. Blend all these ingredients until smooth.
  4. Garnish the smoothie with some chopped dry fruits and serve chilled.