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July 30, 2019


Hey guys, i know many people find it boring to read about kitchen tips or home cleaning tips or how to manage our daily work routine and so on. But sometime we find these tips really helpful.

And in my case I really use them a lot. And in fact you people also do the same; seriously believe me you really does that. But you have never realised that, that small tip has became your habit in daily life.

In fact we all use these kinds of small small tips or things which make our work easy and comfortable. Without knowing that we are using any trick or tips in our daily life.

If you are like me, firstly I always wasted time while making any recipe, because I never prepare anything before I start to cook. But now i prepare everything before the recipe get started, and arrange everything needed for the recipe so i do not forget any ingredient to add in the dish.

So like this small small things can change our daily life’s big headaches. So let’s proceed to the kitchen tips –

  1. Always be prepare for what you are doing –it means that whatever you cook just do the preparation before you start making it and gather all the ingredients nearby the gas so when you cook, you do not panic and do not forget to add anything in your meal.
  2. Collect the peels in a plate or basket – so whenever you peel any veggies or fruits always collect their peels in a plate or small basket, so that it’s easy for you to through them and clean your counter top.
  3. Always wipe after cooking –this tip is amazing, seriously, I mean people who are lazy to clean the kitchen every month like deep cleaning, this tip is for them. Yes with this tip you do not feel like you have to clean your kitchen, because will not realize that you have already cleaned it every day. Yes just do one this when you cook anything, so after your cooking is done just take a wipe cloth and wipe the gas stove, tiles, kitchen top, and the containers like spice box, oil pot, sugar and tea container, so basically whatever you touch during your work, just wipe it once and this small habit will make your daily life or cleaning so easy.
  4. Wipe the kitchen cabinet doors daily –just take a wet cloth and clean the doors on daily basis. With this small tip your kitchen will shine like a new kitchen.
  5. Make a solution for cleaning –this is all purpose cleaning solution which i always have in my kitchen, it contains 1 part of water, one part of white vinegar and 2 tbsp of liquid soap. This solution is very much useful for your kitchen top, gas stove, tiles or the cabinets. Just spray it and rub a little with a sponge and clean with a wet cloth and your kitchen is new again.
  6. Insect free kitchen –to make your kitchen insects free, take 1 litre of hot water and add 2 tbsp of salt to it. Now dip a cloth and squeeze and clean your kitchen with this cloth, the salt in this solution will make the insects to leave your kitchen.
  7. Dry the utensils –always put dry utensils in the kitchen cabinets, if you will put wet then there will be cockroaches or any others insects in your cabinet and it will also lead to a bad smell in your utensils.

So that’s it for today we will meet again in my next blog, tab tak ke liye tata tata bye bye.

I hope mere kitchen tips apko bahot kaam aaye. If is it so then do tell me in the comment section below and also visit to my YouTube channel foodfied a homemaker.